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Moola Bandha the Master Key? at Yoga Campus in London

This workshop will unravel the mysteries of Moola Bandha and the Pelvic Floor.


We will look at questions such as:

Is a strong Moola Bandha equal to a strong Pelvic Floor? (spoiler alert No!)

How does the Pelvic Floor naturally move with the breath?

How can we teach Moola bandha in a way that is functionally healthy for the body?

How does the pelvic floor interact with the Gluteus muscles and Periformis?

How does the Pelvic floor affect our mental health

80% of people have some kind of pelvic floor dysfunction

Moola Bandha could be making this worse

This is knowledge every yoga teacher needs to have.

 We will look at the theory behind the Pelvic Floor then look at simple exercises to keep it strong and supple and functional.

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