Music is incredibly important to me. 

I grew up in a household where my dad and brother play guitar and both my mum and sister have beautiful voices. From my very first album (David Bowie - which I still love) to my varied and eclectic tastes now, music lifts my mood and makes me happy. At times in my life where I haven’t been able to practice asana, music has been my practice.

I love taking part and leading bhajans and kirtans. Some of my most amazing and beautiful yoga experiences have been through singing and kirtan. And while that fits with people’s idea about a yoga teacher, I should make it clear that I like a lot of different sounds; from wall of sound to 90s happy house, 80s heavy metal to church choral music. My guitar playing is limited so I was thrilled when I discovered you can find just about any song as a karaoke cover on youtube, and instantly you’re an 80s pop star, taking me back to listening to ABBA and dancing around with my sister and our hairbrushes. 

There is a really beautiful renaissance of English Folk music going on right now and there are so many Open Mic Slots. Though I’m absolutely terrified, next season is the year that I overcome my fear and get back on stage. It’s really scary, but the amazing rush of performing is incredible!

I often get friends to play live for my Yin classes, my favourites are
Silvertortoise beautiful piano playing here >>>
Martin Soloman beautiful Celtic Harp here >>>

And here are some my mu tracks…

A cover of Joan Baez' Diamonds & Rust

 Dogs Say Woof Woof Woof written by Melanie Cooper