Bristol City Yoga
- Mysore 7-9 am
- Mysore at 10 am-12 pm
- Pranayama and Meditation 12.05-12.55 pm
- Mysore 7-9 am
- Ashtanga led 9.45-11.15 am
- Yin 7-8 pm

Bristol Movement Space
- Slow Flow 6 - 7 pm

No need to book: just show up! 
All classes available on Move GB


Bristol City Yoga is a beautiful, peaceful space. Location and directions here >>>
- Self practice is not a led class, nor is it an unsupervised practice space. You come and follow the ashtanga sequence, completing your practice in your own time. The teachers (me and my assistants) give guidance and help where needed. This means you go at your body’s own pace and get the help you need. It’s a beautiful way to practice and an amazing way to start the day. The class runs for two hours and you can arrive and leave at any time. Don’t worry if you can’t remember or don’t know the sequence – I am there to help you – there is no need to be intimidated or scared of self practice! 
All levels of experience and knowledge are more than welcome.

- Led Class: I teach the led class in a very accessible way - I offer modifications for each pose and encourage students to make each pose and movement right for their individual body.
This is a level 2/3 class - I assume basic knowledge of sun salutations and yoga poses.
- Pranayama is a series of breathing exercises aimed to calm the body and mind and in yogic terms affect the body of energy.
The class is open to everyone.

- Meditation is a series of different techniques that work on many levels. It can calm the mind and nervous system, but is also much deeper - practiced regularly it can transform you on every level.
The class is open to everyone.

- Slow Flow: The class is aimed to help everyone connect to their body in a positive healthy way. I will build up each pose in several steps so the class could be very accessible and gentle or dynamic and challenging - it's up to you!
The class is open to everyone.


All these classes are available on the excellent MoveGB. This is a scheme where you pay a small monthly amount and have access to classes in a huge amount of different studios, classes and gyms. I highly recommend it  

I also offer retreats in Goa and Crete - details here

And if you'd like to practice at home here are some recordings of led primaries if you do ashtanga or here if you prefer Vinyasa Flow