Ashtanga Intensive In Bristol 2016

The group from the 2015 Ashtanga Intensive in Bristol.

The group from the 2015 Ashtanga Intensive in Bristol.

I taught a similar intensive in 2015 and am delighted to be back in Bristol to do it all again in 2016! 

This course is suitable for teachers and students of Ashtanga Yoga seeking to deepen their understanding of the principles and practices of this system. The course provides you with an in depth knowledge of how to assist and adjust students through the practice, giving hands on experience in adjusting all the postures of the primary series. Through the course you will gain insight into the theoretical background of this method and how to work with your body through the sequence in a way appropriate for you. The course is open to serious students of Ashtanga Yoga, and teachers of other methods who are familiar with the primary series and want to be more confident in adjusting students. 

Course Topics

  •     In depth work on personal asana practice
  •     History of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga
  •     Pranayama: practice and teaching
  •     Sanskrit and Chanting
  •     Bandhas and how to teach
  •     Ujjayi breath and how to teach
  •     Course structure and how to teach beginners
  •     Teaching led classes and self-practice
  •     Adjustments of the postures of full primary series
  •     Anatomy and physiology of different postures e.g. forward bends, twists, hip opening and back bends
  •     Energetics of the practice
  •     Avoiding and dealing with injuries

Please contact if you are interested in this course or click here for more information.