How to survive a Yoga Teacher Training Course

An excerpt from an Elephant Journal article on Yoga Teaching Training survival techniques. Read the full article here.

I have been teaching on intensive teacher training courses in India for around 8 years.

Each year it strikes me that some of us jump right in with a huge smile on our face and love the whole experience. Others seem to spend far too much time crying in the toilets. Why the difference?

Here is some advice from me (plus a wealth of quotes from other yoga teachers) on how survive and thrive during yoga teacher training.

Decide which course is best for you.

The first decision you have to make is what kind of course will work best.

For some, family, work or financial commitments will affect the decision, but others will have to decide whether to do an intensive vs. longer duration course. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

A longer course would probably work best for those who prefer to learn slowly and like to have time to process new information. But for people already teaching with a pretty good grounding in a yoga practice, then jumping in to an intensive program might work best.