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I have been practicing and teaching yoga since 1993.
It started as a weekly class to help a friend who needed to practice for her teacher training and ended up being one of the main passions of my life. I’ve always been active and fit – swimming and cycling as a child, then as an adult going to the gym and doing circuit training (does that sound cooler than aerobics??) but when I found yoga it was love at first sight. I loved the physicality of it ­– but it was way more than that – I loved the way it made me feel, the way it helped me learn more and more about myself and how I am in the world. And 20 years down the line I’m still learning … it’s deep!
I never intended to become a yoga teacher – I felt (and in some ways I still feel) that I didn’t know enough to ‘teach’ ‘yoga’  but after being pushed into the deep end (thanks Nigel Jones!) I found I loved sharing the little I know and 17 years later I still love to share.

The amazing thing about teaching yoga is you get to do what you love – share it with other people in a way that enhances their life, and you get paid for it! I’ve been able to travel the world teaching in Iceland, Sweden, Crete, Thailand and all around the UK – being in beautiful places and meeting beautiful people.

My main practice and main love is Ashtanga but I have also gained a huge amount from studying other styles such as Iyengar (thanks for the alignment tips), Scaravelli (thanks for the softness and emphasis on exploration). Both have made my practice and teaching richer and safer. I have also been very lucky to learn to practice and teach pranayama from Emil Wendle and to learn to teach teachers (and more!) with Julie Martin in Goa. I also loved the intensity and discipline of learning ashtanga self practice style. Another teacher who has had a big impact on my practice and teaching (especially my adjustments) is Nancy Gilgoff.

I currently teach Private classes in Bristol and London. I run an Ashtanga & Yin teacher training in Bristol and my level 2 training will be launched soon. I teach annual yoga workshops, retreats and holidays in the UK, Europe and around the world. I also teach regular level 2 intensives in Yin and Yoga Nidra.

Another one of my passions is music. I love to sing and play. My dad and my brother are amazing guitar players and my mum and sister both have beautiful voices (I’m kinda mediocre at both). Some of my happiest childhood times revolve around the music we made together (and still make) as a family.

Apart from yoga and music, I love my garden (which I created from a wasteland 17 years ago), my allotment and reading (everything from highbrow 19th century English and Russian novels to straight up trash). I love bonfires, good food, and hanging out with friends and creating a beautiful space for people to live. I have been a landlady since 1997 and providing a beautiful, safe, secure, affordable space for people to live is something I’m passionate about.

If you have any questions about yoga contact me on